“Shahrzad” is the effect of the beauties of Iran, which should be seen!


“Hasan Mostafavi” is a well-known name in cinema. He is one of those who helps his audiences to watch and listen better in grand cinema and TV projects. But he is a less seen backstage man!

Realizing the new season of “Shahrzad” TV-series gave us a new excuse for speaking to Mr. Mostafavi about tourism in Isfahan, where was one of the locations of this serial.


       How was Isfahan?

  • Like always, patient and happy people. A city which every Iranian have to travel and visit from anywhere else in th world.


  • Because people belongs to here are made up of art! They understand art and know it. You can see and fell it from collations, city walls and streets.

What about the days during your travel to Isfahan?

  • By the way there were amazing in this course. Their behavior and cooperation with agents.

Who was the most efficient guy who helped you here?

  • The mayor in person, believe me nowhere you can find an art-lover and folks like this! Dr. Jamali Nejad wherever our work pleached, he worked hard to unlock the node!

Did you had enough time to finish visit somewhere in Isfahan?

  • I hadent need time to do this. Everywhere in this city is spectacular! But we had visited somewhere with the mayor where is called “Emamzadeh Ahmad”. Amirkabir’s doughter and wife. I really suggest it to you!

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