rambod shekarabi

The entire Iran is my love, not just my home!

born in 1972, Tehran. He began being an actor with playing role in the movie “Transit” made by “Ali Sajjadi” in 1994. So recently, Rambod Shekarabi has acted in TV-series too. He began his TV-Series in 1996 with playing in “Tangna”.

He replied Boulevard questions with answers you read below;


What is the philosophy of travelling in your opinion? Recreation trip? Resting? To take some distance from routine life? Or what?

  • The philosophy of travelling is search and explore. It means all of these must be for humans to grow and promote. Otherwise travelling is in vain. You have to travel, observe, learn, relax and earn energy!

What kind of fellow traveler do you prefer? For example do you love to travel with your family? Colleague? Or a stranger group?

  • Your fellow travelers have to be like-minded with you. You have to enjoy being with them. It does no matter who it should be!

Because of your job, you needs to travel a lot and you reside in some different places. Tell us where is the best place for residing in your opinion?

  • It is more normal to say “ the entire Iran is my home” (a Persian proverb) but now I say; the entire Iran is my love!