Muscled ''Rock” loves to visit “Iran”!


“Dwayne Johnson'' who we know him more as ''The Rock'', however he prefers not to be “The Rock'' anymore because he is a pro- actor right now.

The interesting point is here; not only his father, but his grandpa was a wrestler, also 3 of her uncles and 6 of near family members were wrestler too. And are! However these days he called Iran as a place where he has to visit! Because (as he says) in his entire trips to historical sites, he could see conspicuous and inconspicuous traces of Iran. You might ask where does this desire and interest come from?

This is lucid! He began being an actor with playing in “The Mummy Returns” in 2001.


This is more interesting that muscled “Rock” is paid $5.5 million dollars for playing role in “The Scorpion King”. So he entered to Guinness World Records as highest paid actor for first present in a movie.