Do travel and go travelling

Hadis Fouladvand has begun his cinema activities since her childhood under Mrs. Golab Adineh. And his first cinema film was made by Sirous Alvand. Hadis Fouladvand acted acceptable roles in cinema and TV-shows and this is why she is raised among people. In the first years of her acting, she almost participated in dram, serious and social genres and she was going to become superstar of those days! She became famous for movies like “Ghazal, Classmate, Yellow Rose and Coma”. But after appearing in “A Flower Branch For The Bride” she changed her genre to Comedy and acted in some movies such as “A Hat For Rain, The Wink, The Embarrassed Groom and The Jordan St. Thieves”. Maybe she preferred this genere herself. But still in TV-shows we saw her in social genres. She is the wife of Rambod Shekarabi, our good looking and good tempered actor.


If you want to suggest a city to your fans for travelling or circulation, where do you suggest?

  • I don’t suggest a specific city. Let me say the name of country and its geographical direction. Iranian people have to travel through the country too much. To every city of it. Travel north, south, west and the east

What type of travel do you prefer? Those every year inexpensive travels or the expensive ones which you can’t go continuously?

  • The simple trips. Those comfortable ones with relax fellow travelers and you can enjoy every moment of it.

Thank you for your time. What do you think about this sentence “travel brings wisdom”?

This is my whole opinion and belief about travelling. Do travel and go travelling!