“DiCaprio is happy for “Yazd” now, after “Lake Urmia”


“Leonardo DiCaprio”, Hollywood famous actor and Oscar winner, couple days ago posted a picture of “Lake Urmia” on his personal instagram page and wrote a brief caption about its condition!

Cite the voices which are released on telegram channels, “Leonardo DiCaprio” congratulate historian and in love of culture Iranian people for “Yazd” because of declaring a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


These days he is on the top of environmental news. Recent years DiCaprio has amazing activities in the field of environment which some of them are mentioned below;

  • Paying $3 million for saving the life of the oceans in 2014
  • Paying $4 million for saving Nepal tigers from extinction in 2013
  • Rasing unbelievable $32 million in a charity catwalk on 2013

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