“Barcelona”, a sister city in Mediterranean beaches


Nowadays, Barcelona is one of the most important cultural content and one of the best destinations for tourists and it has a rich cultural heritage. Most of us know this city for its beautiful and shiny sky, vitality and succulence of Mediterranean beaches and especially strange architecture of the city. But this city has some hidden mysteries that there is not too many people who know them. This British sister city of Isfahan, is the only city which was successful to win gold medal of Royal Institute of Architects Of The U.K. for having an odd architecture.


More interesting point is this; there was no beaches in this city until Olympic 1992. Some theories shows this fact that Barcelona is built by Hercules, which means 400 years before the Rome formation. Though the truth is not clear yet. This is useful to know if everything went right, “Tour de Eiffel” was placed in Barcelona instead of Paris right now. But after presenting the first plan of Eifell tower, Spain refused to build it because in the opinion of the government, this plan was against the aesthetic politics of the city!